Let's make at least one aspect of your life easier for you!

You just want to get on with your crochet but you need to look up a stitch on youtube, find a pattern on Ravelry, check a tutorial you saved in instagram, share your progress in the facebook group.... and before you know it your evening has gone and you haven't even picked up your hook.

What if it was in one place? Away from the noise of social media, a place with fewer distractions? That's what we are building in the Hub.

The Hub is for you if:

The Hub is hosted entirely away from distracting social media

  • You want to spend more time crocheting and less time finding resources

  • You want to improve your crochet skills

  • You want to take part in our crochet-alongs and mystery crochet a-longs

  • You'd like to connect with other crocheters away from social media

Inside the Hub you will find

With new content added every month, you'll have access to these resources and more. (Click through for more information)

Membership benefits include

The Hub is full of exclusive content and access to patterns, tutorials, forums and more

  • Exclusive content including courses, video tutorials, explainers and stitch videos

  • First and free access to all new patterns including our popular mystery crochet a-longs.

  • A private in-built forum: to ask questions, chat with other crocheters and steer the direction of the Hub content

  • Access to our back catalogue of patterns, exclusive tutorials and articles.

  • Generous discounts on our popular paid courses, patterns, ebooks and print books

Become a member

Our recurring subscription is the cheapest way to access all this amazing content.

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Your host in the Hub

Joanne has been a crochet writer, editor and teacher since 2011 and has worked with major yarn companies, festivals and magazines in the UK and internationally and self publishes her design work, online classes and tutorials at www.thecrochetproject.com

Joanne Scrace

By charging a small fee to access this content I can create in a way that puts you, the learner, first.

You might be wondering why a membership site. I love creating learning materials, I love teaching crochet and sharing the knowledge I've accumulated over my career. Sharing this on a blog or on social media means that it has to be created to get noticed, it has to play to the algorithm or be long enough to gather advertising revenue.

Videos can be short and to the point, no more fast forwarding through the preamble. Tutorials can be specific and targeted without worrying about giving away aspects of a paid pattern. And working within a community with a forum means I can tailor what I create to meet your needs.

The Hub is for everyone

Making it work for as many people as possible is really important. We want everyone to feel at home here.

  • We cater to lots of learning styles. Whether you learn best from quick and to the point videos, love a long-form article or like step-by-step photos; there is lots for you in the hub. Patterns are written and charted.

  • All instructional videos have right and left handed versions

  • All garment patterns are size inclusive (from a 30in/75cm chest to a 62/160cm chest) and use gender inclusive language

  • All videos have English closed caption subtitles available. Perfect whether you are deaf, hard of hearing, have English as your second language or find it easier to concentrate with subtitles.


  • What level of crochet do I need to be at?

    The Hub will contain information, tutorials and patterns for everyone from beginner to advanced. It's designed to be an inspiring place to help you grow and develop your skills.

  • What format will the content be in?

    Because learners learn in different ways we will have a good variety of content including written patterns, charts, photo tutorials, written articles and video lessons.

  • Will the content be in UK or US terms?

    All the content will be in UK standard crochet terminology but we will give the US terminology in the notes and have conversion guides easily available across the site.

  • Do I get access to your whole back catalogue of patterns?

    No, patterns are added to the Crochet Pattern Library and you'll have plenty to choose from across the site though.

  • How and when are payments taken?

    Recurring membership payments are managed by Stripe and can be made using any card accepted by them. Payments are taken monthly or annually based on the date of your first payment.

  • How long does my membership last?

    If you choose the monthly paid option then you'll be billed each month, for the annual option you will be billed each year, and your membership lasts until you cancel it. You will have access to all the content in the Hub until the date your next payment would have been due. If you choose a pass your membership will last for one month, three months or one year (depending on pass bought) and will not renew - you can always buy another one though!

  • Can I give membership as a gift?

    Yes, we recommend buying a pass so you don't end up with recurring fees. Pop the recipient's details in at sign up instead of your own.

  • I already own a lot of your patterns will I have to pay for them again?

    The Hub is so much more than patterns. Access to the back catalogue of patterns is just one of the benefits of membership.

  • Can I cancel easily?

    Yes. While we hope that the benefits of being in the Hub make you want to stay, you can cancel at anytime from your dashboard. You can rejoin at any time. If you are worried about forgetting to cancel then a pass might be a better option than membership.

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