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  • 01

    Essential basics

    • Choosing the right crochet hook

    • Yarn choices for beginners

    • Crochet notions - the extras that make life better.

    • Five simple rules to following any Crochet Project pattern

    • How to follow a crochet chart

    • How to hold your hook and yarn

    • How to make a swatch/tension square

    • Front loops and back loops

  • 02

    Understanding the terminology

    • Five simple rules to following any Crochet Project pattern

    • US vs UK Standard crochet terminology

    • Anatomy of a Hat

    • Anatomy of a Sock

    • Anatomy of a Sweater

  • 03

    Everything yarn

    • Yarn choices for beginners

    • Winding yarn into a centre-pull ball (with no equipment)

    • Substituting yarn

    • Calculating the amount of yarn you need (great for alterations!)

    • Understanding dye lots

    • How to pick two high contrast colours

    • A crocheter's guide to hand-dyed yarns

    • holding yarn together

    • Know your fibres: Mohair

    • Laceweight yarns

    • Yarn talk: Loft

    • Yarn Talk: Sheen

    • Yarn Talk: Twist

  • 04

    General skills

    • How to work into row ends

    • How to change colours

    • How to work into the other side of your foundation chain

    • Seven uses for crochet stitch markers

    • Joanne's Elastic Rib Tutorial

    • Join as you go (right handed)

    • Join as you go (left handed)

  • 05

    Crochet Classics

    • Crochet Ripple stitches: a guide

    • Corner to Corner (C2C)

  • 06

    Sock Skills

    • Crochet Socks: Before you start

    • Choosing yarn for socks

    • Anatomy of a Sock

    • How to work a traditional heel flap and turn

  • 07

    Problem solving

    • How your hook angle affects your stitch height

    • Avoid tangling when working with multiple colours

    • Working into long foundation chains

    • Avoid cutting your yarn when working stripes

    • How to win at yarn chicken

    • How to know which size crochet hook you used

    • Crocheting when it's hot

  • 08

    Finishing skills

    • How to weave in ends

    • How to avoid weaving in ends

    • Mending frayed crochet

  • 09


    • Basics of Blocking (photo tutorial)

    • Introduction to blocking: they why and the when.

    • Blocking Equipment

    • Introduction to wet blocking

    • Get more involved with the Blocking Masterclass

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