Do you have yarn oddments, part balls, unfinished projects or unloved handmade items that you just don't know what to do with?

Sometimes it's because the pattern didn't use the whole yarn amount, sometimes it's because a pattern or plan for the yarn didn't come together, sometimes its because you bought it just because it's pretty.

In this class we give you the skills to sort that stash and turn it into beautiful items to wear or gift.

In this class you will learn

Let's get that stash busted!

  • How to identify and sort mystery yarns

  • How to reclaim yarn from abandoned projects and unloved finished items

  • How to choose patterns that will work well with the yarn you have

  • How to make the most of very small amounts of yarn

  • Tips and tricks to create beautiful colour palettes from your odds and ends

  • Techniques for joining yarns to avoid lots of ends!

This class includes

Lessons for every learning style

  • Eight crochet patterns, perfect for using up a variety of yarns

  • On demand video classes with closed caption subtitles

  • Written lessons and photo tutorials

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The ebook, containing eight patterns perfect for using up your yarn, that you receive as part of this course is available to buy for £12.

Your teacher

Joanne has been a crochet writer, editor and teacher since 2011 and has worked with major yarn companies, festivals and magazines in the UK and internationally and self publishes her design work, online classes and tutorials at

Joanne Scrace

Materials needed

To practice our skills as they develop we will work on a sampler cowl.

  • The yarn you already have!

  • Crochet hooks in a wide selection of sizes


  • When does the course start?

    The course starts on Friday 18th November 2022. The course will build week by week. New content will be loaded each Friday until 20th Jan with a two week pause at Christmas. After the 20th Jan the course content will be complete and available to access at any time.

  • Are the classes live? What happens if I can't make the time?

    No, the classes are video on demand and so can be watched at anytime.

  • I'm a knitter, will I be able to learn from the course?

    Yes! While the patterns we provide are crochet patterns, all of the skills we learn relate to all yarn crafts

  • Is this a crochet-a-long?

    Yes, it can be. If you choose to join this class as part of a Hub membership in November and December 2022 and January 2023 we will have challenges with prizes.

  • What happens after I buy the class?

    If you aren't already signed up to the Thinkific platform, after purchasing the class you will receive an email from the address [email protected] entitled "Welcome to learning with The Crochet Project" with the login information you need. You can access the class from your dashboard at

  • Whats the difference between purchasing it out right or joining the hub to get the class?

    You can buy this class outright and it is yours to keep forever for £15. If you are a member of the Hub you will get the class included in your subscription price (£5 per month/£55 per year) and will have access to the class for as long as you are a member.

Course curriculum

    1. What is stash busting

    2. Different types of stash you might have

    3. A yarn primer

    1. Identifying yarn weight

    2. Identifying fibre types

    3. Calculating yardage

    4. Detangling tips

    1. Reclaiming yarn from unfinished projects

    2. Reclaiming yarn from handmade items

    3. Reclaiming yarn from store bought items

    4. Straightening reclaimed yarn

    1. DIfferent styles of patterns for stash busting

    2. Yarn usage guide

    3. Your pattern bundle

    1. Disclaimer

    2. Basic colour theory

    3. Using unifying colours

    4. How to pick two high contrast colours

About this course

  • $15.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content