Aestival Shawl Mystery Crochet-A-Long

It's that time of year again! Our popular mystery crochet-a-long is back and better than ever

This year we are making a shawl that is inspired by the abundance of hedgerows on my nature walks in my local area. Aestival means belonging to, or appearing in, summer. The shawl pattern includes solid and lace sections that echo the abundance of frothy blossoms in the inspiration photos using delicate lace sections to create a light and very wearable shawl. The first clue will be released on Friday 8th July 2022 with a clue each week on Fridays for five weeks. The fifth and final clue will be released on 5th August. This time around the MCAL will be hosted in our new member site the Hub.

All about the Aestival Shawl MCAL

  • What is an MCAL?

    An MCAL or Mystery Crochet-A-Long is a fun way to work a pattern together. You won't know quite what you are making and each section will be revealed in a weekly "clue", a pattern section

  • How do I join in?

    This time around the MCAL will be hosted in our new member site the Hub. So to join in the Mystery Crochet A-long you will need to join. Membership costs £5 per month but as an introduction and to make sure you can join the MCAL for the same price it would normally cost you can use the code HUBINTRO to get your first three months for just £2 each. The MCAL will be completed within this trial offer time so you’ll get to join the MCAL for the total usual price of £6 and have all the benefits of the Hub at no extra cost.

  • Lace? That sound complicated! Will there be help?

    The great thing about hosting the MCAL in the Hub is that I can support you so much better. Each new stitch will have left and right handed video tutorials and I can create written, photo and video tutorials on other subjects to support, teach and entertain you as we move through the clues. The MCAL is a great way to learn some new stitches and techniques and explore wearable crochet lace.

  • What level of crochet experience will I need to have?

    While I perhaps wouldn't tackle it as your first pattern, it is suitable for all levels because we will have video tutorials guiding you through everything but the basic stitches. It's a great way to extend your skills and it should have something to interest even the most experienced.

  • How long does each clue take?

    That depends on how fast you crochet. But the aim is to break the pattern down into very manageable chunks, no more than one evening per week usually. If you can't finish the pattern in any given week there is no need to "keep up." In every mystery crochet-a-long we have people finishing at different times. There are normally groups of people supporting each other at every stage.

Materials needed

For the MCAL you will need yarn and hooks. You can buy the yarn as a kit or provide your own.

  • 2 skeins of Vicki Brown Designs Kid Silk Fluff (4ply, 69% Silk 22% Kid Mohair. 9% polyamide 100g/350m)

  • 4mm (US G) hook

  • You can use any 4ply yarn of your choice but I would select one with good drape and ideally some loft. Mohairs, alpacas, merino/silk singles, tencel blends would all work well. I’ve used two dye styles, one is a semi solid and the other a soft speckle but you could use two semi solids or solid colours if you prefer.

Treat yourself to a luxury Kid Silk Fluff kit

We've teamed up with Vicki Brown Designs to create exclusive, limited edition kits for the MCAL

have partnered with Vicki Brown Designs to create yarns that will work perfectly for this pattern. Using the same inspiration photos as her reference she has created three different kit options. Included in this kit are 2 skeins of Kid Silk Fluff (69% Silk 22% Kid Mohair. 9% polyamide 100g/350m) a gorgeous silk and mohair yarn that has a glorious fuzz. Each of the three colour options include one semi solid yarn, and one subtle speckled yarn. Kits cost £46 (plus shipping) but you can use code AESTIVALMCAL to get 10% off.

Join the Hub now

This crochet a-long is exclusive to Hub members. Use code HUBINTRO to get the first 3 months for just £2 each.


  • I've got the yarn/ want to source my own materials.

    That's great! Just sign up to the Hub and get settled in while you wait for July 8th!

  • Can I buy it as a printed pattern?

    No, because the pattern is released in parts we can't send out a printed version. You will be able to download the clues and print them at home or send the file to a copy shop for printing.

  • Why aren’t you selling it as an individual pattern/on Ravelry this time?

    Running the mystery crochet-a-longs inside the Hub allows me to support you more and makes the process of getting the pattern part to you much easier. Each week a new part will be added to the Hub and it will be accompanied by video stitch tutorials. You’ll be able to discuss it in the forums and share your progress. It will be released as an individual pattern and sold outside of the Hub after the MCAL has ended.

  • I need hooks? Can I add it to the kit?

    Not this time, but Hub members get 15% off hooks and notions from The Crochet Project so check the code and order once you join.

  • Can I join the Hub membership just for the MCAL and cancel after?

    Of course! Obviously we hope you'll find it valuable and want to remain in the Hub year round but you there is no minimum subscription time and you can join and cancel for each crochet a-long you want to join if you prefer.

  • We want to organise a group/run the MCAL through our yarn shop is that okay?

    Absolutely! We love when groups get together to join in! If you are a business organising a group then do get in touch to find out how we can work together [email protected]