Scared of sweaters? Cowering at the idea of cardigan making?

Let's help you make garments that really fit!

There is something magical about being able to say "I made this" but making something that fits you can be scary. Sweater School demystifies the whole process and takes you by the hand to guide you gently through to a garment you can be really proud of.

In this class you will learn

Get all the skills you need to create successful garments first time and every time.

  • to read a crochet pattern and understand what it's asking you to do

  • to choose patterns and yarns with confidence

  • to measure yourself (or someone else) and pick the correct size

  • to make simple pattern alterations to achieve look and fit you want

  • to make sure your sweater or cardigan turns out the size you want it to be

This class includes

Learn with your classmates

  • Life time access to on-demand video, transcripts and written tutorials

  • Four patterns for sweaters and cardigans (worth £24)

  • Commuity! Connect, ask questions and make along with a great group of crafters in our dedicated forum.

The patterns you get for free!

All patterns are sized for adult and teen chest sizes between 75cm/30in and 155cm/62in.

The four patterns are pictured and are all unisex designs with lots of options for simple customisations. All are quick to make so you can practice and perfect your skills in the quickest time possible.

Pricing options


  • What are the term dates?

    Class is always open here - ready and waiting for you when you are ready to make.

  • Can I use the school to work on a different pattern?

    Absolutely, the classes will be relevant to lots of crochet and knitted garments. We will only be able to offer specific advice on patterns made by The Crochet Project though.

  • I knit, will this class benefit me?

    While the class is aimed at crocheters and offers crochet patterns to work on, almost all of the content is also applicable to knitting a sweater or tunisian crochet.

  • Great, sold! What happens next?

    If you don't already have an account, you'll receive an email from [email protected] inviting you to set one up. You can then access your course and the forums at There's no prep to do before the course as the classes take you through the process from start to finish.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Sweater School

    • Welcome

  • 02

    Understanding the language

    • Parts of a pattern explained

    • How to read a pattern from The Crochet Project

    • Reading Crochet Charts

    • Understanding Construction Notes

  • 03

    Your pattern choices

    • Before you look at the patterns!

    • Choosing a pattern

    • Tattingstone Sweater

    • Chunky Monkey Sweater

    • Winter is Coming & Cold Snap Cardigan

  • 04

    Choosing a size

    • Choosing a size - overview

    • Measuring your body

    • measuring for a sweater

    • Choosing a size

    • Choosing a size - Easy

  • 05

    Yarn and Yarn Substitution

    • Substituting Yarn

    • Common yarn weights guide

  • 06


    • Tension, Gauge & Swatching

    • Swatching - easy step by step

    • When Row Gauge is Off

  • 07

    Planning Alterations

    • Pattern Alterations

    • Calculating yarn amounts

  • 08

    Body meet sleeves meet yoke!

    • Seamless Set In Sleeves

    • how to split the body and sleeves

    • Joining bottom up seamless sweaters for the yoke

  • 09

    Finishing up

    • Introduction to wet blocking

    • Joining crochet pieces with your hook