Adding a chart to your designs will broaden their appeal to buyers and are a key element in making your designs stand out from other designers.

Crochet charts are a valuable tool for makers. They help crocheters visualise their stitches and are international in recognition, broadening your market beyond native speakers

However, it can be difficult to find someone to make charts for you. Without the standardised way of working stitches that enables knitters to automate much of their chart making, crochet charts need to be drawn manually. Hiring a graphic designer or chart maker can be an expensive investment for a pattern with large motif charts often costing £200+ to design.

In this class you will learn

But you can learn to do it yourself in paid or free software

  • The easiest way to turn your hand drawn charts and written patterns into vector charts

  • How to chart in rows, rounds and motifs

  • How to create charts in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape without any previous software knowledge required

  • International crochet charting conventions

  • How to incorporate stitch fonts and create your own stitches

This course includes

  • On demand video tutorials

  • Access to our Professionals Lounge, a forum in which to ask questions, share with fellow designers and learn more

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Your Instructor

Kat Goldin is a professional photographer whose photos have appeared in Mollie Makes, the Guardian, Ideal Home, Simply Crochet. She has photographed multiple books for Kyle Books. In her role as The Crochet Project's Art Director she created all graphic media for the business.

Kat Goldin

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome to Vector Charting for Crochet

  • 02

    Chart Making Software Options

    • Why Use Vector Charting for Crochet?

    • Adobe Illustrator Overview

    • Adobe Illustrator Overview: Setting Up Your Document and Work Station Written Version

    • Inkscape Overview

  • 03

    Adobe Illustrator: Drawing Shapes and Building Schematics

    • Adobe Illustrator: Using the Pen Tool

    • Adobe Illustrator: Using the Pen Tool Over Images

    • Adobe Illustrator: Using the Image Trace Tool

    • Using the Shape Builder Tool

  • 04

    Inkscape: Drawing Shapes and Building Schematics

    • Inkscape: Using the Pen Tool

    • Inkscape: Using the Pen Tool Over an Image

    • Inkscape: Using the Image Trace Tool

  • 05

    Charting Workflow

  • 06

    Dealing with Complexities in Chart Making

    • Adobe Illustrator: Making Your Own Stitches

    • Adobe Illustrator: Charting a Motif or in Rounds

    • Inkscape: Making Your Own Stitches

    • Inkscape: Making a Motif