Have you ever wanted to make something but not been able to find a pattern? Are you brimming with ideas you'd like to make into reality? Or maybe you are just curious about how designs evolve?

If so, "Crochet Your Ideas" is for you. Packed with practical tips that guide you through this online course will take your idea from your head to your hook. We will cover theories of garment and accessory construction, practicalities of sizing, choosing suitable yarns and so much more. You bring the creativity, we will provide you with the skills to make it concrete.

In this class you will learn

  • How to develop your ideas and take them through a design process to finished item

  • Common construction techniques for clothing and accessories and how to make crochet fabrics that are wearable

  • How to create a plan that removes the trial and error

This class includes

  • On demand bite-sized video lessons with transcripts

  • Helpful worksheets

  • A dedicated on-site forum for discussing your ideas with your fellow students and working through design issues


  • When does it start?

    We'll start with the first classes loading up on 21st April. There are 8 weeks of content planned with breaks in between chapters to allow you time to put the knowledge into action. The last classes will be loaded up on the 30th June.

  • Are the classes live? What happens if I can't make the time?

    No, the classes are video on demand and so can be watched at anytime.

  • I'm a knitter, will I be able to learn from the course?

    Yes! The majority of the course can be applied to knitting, crochet or Tunisian crochet. There will be a few crochet specific modules about fabric but you can definitely use the skills you learn in this course to create designs in any of these crafts.

  • I want to be a designer, is this class for me?

    Absolutely, this class will be a great primer. The focus is on fun though and we will be looking at designing one-off pieces. The class won't cover pattern writing or grading.

  • What happens after I buy the class?

    If you aren't already signed up to the Thinkific platform, after purchasing the class you will receive an email from the address [email protected] entitled "Welcome to learning with The Crochet Project" with the login information you need. You can access the class from your dashboard at http://learn.thecrochetproject.com

Pricing options

Pay a one time fee or use our budget friendly monthly payment option

Your instructor

Joanne has been a crochet writer, editor and teacher since 2011 and has worked with major yarn companies, festivals and magazines in the UK and internationally and self publishes her design work, online classes and tutorials at www.thecrochetproject.com

Joanne Scrace

Course curriculum

    1. 1.1 Welcome

    2. 1.2 Where inspiration comes from

    3. 1.3 Copyright and design ethics

    4. 1.4 Understanding common shawl constructions

    5. 1.5 Understanding common hat constructions

    6. 1.6 Understanding common sock constructions

    7. 1.7 Understanding Common Sweater and Cardigan Constructions

    8. 1.8 Getting your idea on to paper

    9. 1.9 Thinking in shapes

    1. 2.1 Making wearable fabrics

    2. 2.2 Yarn Selection

    3. 2.3 How to swatch

    4. 2.4 Problem solving with your swatch

    5. 2.5 Manipulating stitch patterns

    1. 3.1 Measuring bodies

    2. 3.2 Understanding Ease

    3. 3.3 Sketch meet swatch

    4. 3.4 What’s useful to plan

    5. 3.5 Calculating yarn amounts

    6. 3.6 The Maths you need

    1. 4.1 Note taking as you make

    2. 4.2 What have you learnt from the process?

    1. Thank You

    2. How was it for you?

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About this course

  • $50.00
  • 25 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content